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With our amazing service, we have been setting the standards for fansite hosting since June 2005! Our main goal as your host is to provide you with the best possible hosting experience! When it comes to managing your fansite, we strive to provide nothing but the best in service and support! - READ MORE »

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Our Prices:
It took us over a year to figure out exactly how much to charge our hostees. After extensive research, we came up with the best possible prices. And even though we don't charge as much as other places, be rest assured that you're fansite is safe with us. The old saying, "This is too good to be true." doesn't apply to our company IN ANY WAY!

None of our plans are set in stone. I have been running fansites for a few years now, and I know about the many changes that they undergo. If you need more space and/or bandwidth that our current plans offer, then that is definitely not an issue. Just submit a ticket to the Help Desk, and we will contact you personally to work out a custom plan.

Our Servers:
The servers we use to host fansites are high-quality Linux servers built on an Intel Celeron CPU, running the CentOS operating system. What does all that mean? In lamen terms, our servers have been tweaked and optimized so that your fansite will never load slow, and you will hardly ever experience any downtime with our 99.9% network uptime guarantee! We also do not overcrowd our servers with too many websites, like some companies tend to do. If we notice that a server is becoming too crowded, we will either upgrade the hardware, or purchase a new server and evenly balance out the load between the servers.

We cannot stress enough how safe your fansite is with CelebFanatics. We are well aware that bad things do happen to different kinds of technology, and servers are definitely not exempt. Your fansite is just as important to us as it is to you. This is why each and every one of our servers are equipped with extra harddrives in case of hardware or operating system failure. Every evening, your fansite is automatically backed up to the back-up harddrive to ensure that your important data is never lost in a worst-case scenario.

There are 3 different people (including myself) that help manage and monitor all of our servers. If you ask any of our hostees, they will assure you that we are always on top of things. By the time they notice a problem with their site, we're already on top of it, and the problem is fixed within minutes! With our newly implemented Support Help Desk, it makes it that much easier to provide you with the quality support that you, as a fansite webmaster, deserve! We offer many methods of support: Live Chats, FAQs, Knowledgebase Articles, and so much more!