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"My old host was completely disorganized. They had great servers, but cut off one day with absolutely no explanation. They stated that if I wanted my website back online that I had to pay the $1,000+ debt that they were in when they offered me free hosting in the first place. Celebfanatics hooked me up the very day that I requested their services, after I realized my site wasn't going to be back online soon. I got a temporary page set up letting my visitors know what was going on and shortly after that, I was completely back online. Celebfanatics is extremely quick and very organized. I am 100% satisified with their services."
- Devin from Oh Rihanna & Rihanna Pictures

"I've been with CelebFanatics.net since October 2005 and I have never been so happy with a host. I was very unhappy with my previous host (slow server and no customer service support), and I was looking for a new place for my growing site. I looked everywhere for a suitable host, and thankfully, found CelebFanatics.net. After I was accepted into the Network, Dustin went out of his way to help me get situated with the new server by helping me transfer all my files and answer any questions I might have had. And it just didn't stop there, he has continuously offerred site support, and when I needed more space/bandwidth for my ever-growing site, he was nice enough to increase it for me. Dustin goes out of his way to keep his hostees happy, and I really appreciate all that he has done for me and my site. I definately would recommend this Network to anyone who is in need of a RELIABLE and QUALITY-DRIVEN host. I can assure anyone that they will never be unsatisfied!"
- Natasha from Nick-Lachey.net & Nick-Lachey.org

"After my host notified me of their closing I was without a host and needed one badly. CelebFanatics set me up within minutes and all my problems were over! All of my sites are now hosted with them; it doesn't get much better than this!"
- KD from Destiny Vault, Metro Vogue, & Eva Pigford Online

"I seriously couldn't ask for a better host than Celebfanatics. Dustin is always there when I need him and so understanding. Whenever I mention a problem to him, his response is always that they're already working on it. The service is very reliable and the plans are great because they're so flexible. I love Celebfanatics!"
- Fai from Kilikina Aguilera & Longoria Web

"CelebFanatics is the best host I've been with. My site, SimplePlanOnline.com uses a lot of resources that past hosts have not been able to meet the sites needs. CelebFanatics was able to customize a hosting plan that worked for me and my site. Not only are they flexible, but the support is phenomenal. I get the help I need right away. Very glad I swtiched over to CelebFanatics!"
- Amanda from Simple Plan Online

"I've been into web design for awhile now and have had my share of hosts gone wrong. Many of them seemed to be ok at first but in the long run turned into a disaster. I've experienced lack of support, site deletion for no apparent reason, constant downtime, lack of space and bandwidth and just about everything else that can go wrong with a host. My last host gave me a one week notice to move my site because they failed to mention I was using too many resources before it was too late to make any adjustments. Soon after, Dustin moved my entire site for me and got everything set up quickly. Celeb Fanatics is the best host I have ever had. I've been with them for awhile now and haven't run into any major problems. I get incredible support, the resources I need, and an overall great web experience. If there is ever a problem it's solved right away. I'm extremely glad I found Celeb Fanatics. I'm sure I'd be stuck in some other hosting mess if I hadn't."
- Anna from Drop-A-Heart

"CelebFanatics.Net is a very reliable, supporting, and kind host. I applied and in the same day I got approved. My other host wasn't very supportive or durable, his servers would always go down every other month. Fortunately for me my friend recommended me to CelebFanatics.Net and in no time my website was setup, everything, I didn't lose any files through my server transfer and it was done so fast. Dustin will help you in any way, he's very friendly and I already know we're friends, he has such a caring heart. He'll love to host your websites and you don't need to worry about a thing going wrong! He's the best host I EVER had, and trust me there isn't many of good hosts ;)"
- Kameron from Ashley Tisdale Online & Brooke Hogan Online