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I have been running fansites since 2002, and believe me, I have been through many different hosts. Some were really good, and others were really bad. And some started out really great, but ended up being really unreliable in the long run. With a healthy mix of good experiences and bad experiences, I was able to venture out on my own and host my own websites, along with the sites of a few close friends. I purchased a reseller plan from a reputable webhosting company in June of 2005, and began taking in applications. Within a month or so, I was already hosting 10 pretty popular websites (which ended up getting me even more hostees). Needless to say, we outgrew that reseller plan and were forced to shell out some serious bucks for our very own dedicated server.

In August of 2005, a brand new dedicated server was purchased to accomodate our growing number of hostees. And from then on, it has been nothing but smooth sailing. As more and more websites are hosted, we purchase more and more servers so that we're never "over-crowded." Our servers are very fast, and are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that they are at the highest quality -- because that's what all fansite webmasters want. Fansites aren't easy to host because they are constantly in a period of growth and change. You may not receive many visitors and use up any resources for an entire month. But as soon as your celebrity starts to gain press because of a new album, or a new movie, or a new baby, or anything major, you may start to use up bandwidth and other kinds of server resources due to a growing number of visitors. We are fully aware of this, and our servers are optimized, and are constantly being upgraded especially for this type of behavior. Your fansite is safe in our hands, and we will never leave you disappointed or unsatisfied with our services.