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Only sites related to celebrities will be accepted; this includes famous musicians, actors, actresses, supermodels, television shows, movies, etc.

Websites hosted for free on the network must display at least one Google Ad in the top fold of every page of their website (including photogalleries & messageboards). This helps pay for the servers that CelebFanatics uses to host websites. If your site uses frames, the banner needs to be inside the frame and at the TOP of the individual pages!

Websites hosted for free are NOT ALLOWED to encourage visitors to click on the Google Ads. This is against the law and a major violation to Google's Terms of Service.

For many obvious reasons, we do not allow the use of the 4images Gallery Management script under ANY circumstance! This helps us maintain server stability, and makes a better environment for you and your visitors. There are several alternatives (such as Coppermine) ... please pick ONE! ;-)

All types of media are allowed on our servers, but they all must reside in a zip archive. This includes, but is not limited to, MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV, RM, MPEG, and MOV files of any size. If you have a problem with this, then there are many alternative uploading sources online, like Rapid Share, Send Space, Mega Upload, File Hostia, etc. Implementing this rule will make downloads much faster, and will fix the problem of "broken downloads." If you are unsure how to zip a file, feel free to Contact me, or visit this Website.

Please be sure to install the latest scripts, and please be sure to upgrade outdated scripts. This includes installing patches and security fixes as well. This helps to maintain a stable server environment, and helps prevents intruders. An example of a script would be the "PHPBB MessageBoard," or "Coppermine Gallery," or "CuteNews." Outdated software may lead to unwanted visitors and might cause your website to be hacked.

Websites hosted for free are not allowed to generate revenue from their own banner ads! You are to display CelebFanatics' ads and our ads only. I do make exceptions to this rule, but it is up to me. You are, however, allowed to use affiliate links, such as Comission Junction, or Amazon.

Not all websites will be accepted (paying or not). Your site must be of decent quality, and you must keep your site up-to-date and current At the moment, we currently do not host non-English websites. If you have an English version along with a foreign version, then that's fine.

If your website is hosted for free, and you do not update for well over 30 days, your site is subject to immediate termination so that we can free up our servers for more websites. Paid hostees are encouraged to update their websites often as well.

All free websites MUST display a visible link to the CelebFanatics network. NO EXCEPTIONS! Although we would greatly appreciate it, paying webmasters have a choice of displaying a link to our network.

All webmasters shall take full responsibility for their site's content and any of its wrong doings.

No shortcut re-direct (.tk, .2ya.com, .prv.pl, etc.) links please. Your subdomain address at celebfanatics.net helps us to promote the network to other webmasters and potential hostees.

You are not allowed to resell our services unless you purchase a reseller package. Please select the appropriate package for what you intend to do with your website.

Paying hostees are required to pay monthly based on the day your site was set up. For instance, if your site was set up on November 25, then you are required to send us a payment on the 25th of every month. You will be given a 7-day grace period to send us your payment. If your payment is not sent on the 8th day, your website will be suspended. If you fail to pay us within 30 days, your website will be deleted off of our servers (no questions asked). We do, however, charge a $10 fee to unsuspend websites. So your payment should include your hosting fees and the additional $10 (if you are late, of course).

If you aren't good with sticking to monthly payments, then I recommend you take a look at our yearly plans. You save time and 10%!

Our network has a "7-Day Money Back Guarantee" policy. If you are unhappy with our services after 7 days, you will be reimbursed within 30 days with your payment for your first month of hosting. Note: This only applies to hostees who pay on a montly basis.

If you pay for your site anually, and you are unhappy with our services after 7 days, you will only receive 25% of the amount you paid. For instance, if you selected our "Extreme Fanatics" package and you chose to pay annually, and after 7 days were unhappy with our services, you would only receive 25% of $324, which is $81.

If ANY website hosted on this network is caught violating ANY of our rules and terms in ANY way is subject to suspension and/or immediate termination!

We have the right to revise this page anytime we feel the need to do so. It is your responsibility to check this page often so that you won't be caught violating our terms.